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Lapel Microphone (wireless)
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 Lapel Microphone (wireless)
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The wireless lapel microphone hire package incorporates a small microphonae which clips onto the users clothing, a AA battery powered belt pack transmitter and a remote reciever. Our wireless lapel (AKA Lavalier) microphone rental package is an ideal choice for the following situations:

  • The speaker expects to be moving around e.g. walking around on stage.
  • The microphone needs to be hidden from view (can be clipped under a collar, under hair on the persons head etc).
  • The speaker wants to keep their hands free e.g. for note taking in a conference or seminar.

Please note that all of our hire microphones must be hired with your choice of one of our P.A. systems, i.e. they are not available separately.

Please see the pictures below.


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