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3D Event Planning

What Is 3D Event Planning

The problem for event planners can be giving their clients a way to visualize the function room or event stage concept before committing. As project manager your sketch or Cad drawing may be all you need to visualize the event but the client may need more persuading and that where 3D Event Planning comes in

Inhouse Audio Visual can produce photo like 3D images of possible function room setups, showcasing the audio, vision, lighting design and seating plan all to scale. And once the 3D concept has been finalised we can produced a 3d flythrough so you can look at the event design from every angle.

3D Event Planning is great for professional conference organizers, event planners, venue sales and conference organisers. 3D Event Planning brings together all of your ideas into one neat package, effectively showcasing your project proposal in a stylish and engaging manner.

The animated 3D Designs can be delivered by email, on DVD or integrated into a web page for maximum ease of delivery or use.

Let Inhouse Audio Visual turn your event concept into a 3D reality.